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getting over it map starts with a tree on the left side and some rocks, which are not very steep. The Starting point of the game looks very easy at that point you can learn how to use the hammer to climb up. There are number of checkpoints on the map but here are important parts of the map is explained with the graphical representation.

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The Boat Paddle

The start seems easy until you cross the first obstacle, the Fine Rocks. After that, you encounter a very steep mountain, followed by the boat paddle. This can be quite dangerous as it can harm you and potentially make your hammer get stuck, or it might push you back to the starting point of the game.

Getting over it map

Tree & House

After successfully climbing the boat paddle and feeling comfortable, you realize that you are now safe. However, there is another challenge ahead. You come across a tree followed by a fallen house in getting over it apk. Since you have gained expertise in climbing (by completing the Boat Paddle Challenge), you can easily overcome this obstacle.

Pipe & Steep Mountain: The Next Hurdle in Climbing Adventure

The next challenge in your climbing adventure in getting over it is Pipe, a very steep and sharp mountain. One small mistake can send you back to the starting point. Stay focused and keep calm to cross this area. Avoid panicking and make sure to keep yourself on the right side, which will help you reach the checkpoint easily.

Bottleneck Mountain

One of the toughest points on the map is Bottleneck Mountain, as the path is incredibly narrow. It’s difficult to pass through. However, to cross this bottleneck mountain, you should move to the left side and exert a strong force with a hammer to push yourself through. This hard push will enable you to successfully navigate the narrow mountain

Getting over it map part

The Fallen Bridge

The fallen bridge is basically a part of the game where the bridge has collapsed in your path, and after that, a sharp rock and a tree are ready to welcome you. However, you should keep your mind focused and remain a little bit relaxed. First, you can climb the rock located on the left side and then push yourself towards the right side. The tree is the key to crossing that level easily.

Under Construction Building

The next part features a building that is currently under construction. The building wall is very steep and lacks any supporting materials for your hammer. Therefore, you need to use under-construction concrete pillars as support and climb up the wall.

getting over it map under construction building

Blind End

When you cross the hanging bridge, you’ll see a house. At that point, you’ll notice two paths: one going up and the second one going to the left. You should choose the path on the left side, as the way going upwards is blind and difficult to climb.

Hanging Tower

The suspended tower is your next challenge after climbing up the wall of an under-construction building. You have only one second to reach the hanging tower, as no support is available right there. So be quick and, with the help of a hammer, push yourself up to the hanging tower. Once you reach that point, you can take a deep breath.

getting over it map hanging tower

Toothy Mouth

Toothy Mouth is a part of the game where the tongue is shaped like stairs and can be used for climbing. However, don’t panic, as it is a trap for you. If you climb too fast on those stairs, you’ll fall down to the entrance point. So, be careful when you reach the top of the mouth and continue climbing up.

getting over it map toothy mouth

Telephone Booth and Rocky Pathway

There is a red telephone booth at the top of the mountain. Once you reach that point, you have to cross the rocky pathway on the left side and land on the wooden bridge that’s present on the biggest rock. Now, you are safe to move forward, as the second-to-last rock contains a snake-shaped staircase that leads back to the start of the game.

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The Final Destination (Tower Top)

In the final step of the game, you have to climb up the tower. Be careful while ascending because your hammer may strike the left side, and there is no way to retrieve it or any other support available on the tower.

getting over it map final part

By applying the above settings, lagging issues or dropped frames will be resolved. The hammer will move smoothly, and you can control your characters more efficiently.”

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Getting Over It map guides you to complete the game with more efficiently and you know next challenge early on so you prepare yourself according to the situation. Map guide provides you the details that you even don’t consider while playing that game. So Keep yourself prepared download the map and review every detail.


Getting over it map is basically diagrammatic representation of the details of the objects.

Getting over it map zoomed out is basically a large picture in which you can zoomed in or out and see map more closely.

You can download the map of getting over it by following the link

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