Getting Over It- Lightning Fast Speedrun Strategies & Techniques

Getting Over It APK Speedrun is basically a term used for competition where different peoples try to complete the game in mimimun time. Its is first time started back in 2017 some time when game is released. After Speedrun competition the game gain the height of fame.

World Records of Getting Over it SpeedRun

The Current world record set by Blastbolt on 27 April 2023 Which is 59 Seconds. The previous world Record was 1:00 Mint which is also set by Blastbolt on 21 December 2022. Lumord is an another youtuber which sets insane world record on PC which is 25.756 Seconds. If you want to learn that techniques, Tips and Tricks of getting over to complete game in short time you may visit Tips and Tricks Section.

Here is some list of World Records set by some famous Youtubers.

Getting Over It Speed Run World Records

Strategies to Speedrun In Getting Over It

Getting over it, experts use many strategies to complete the game in the shortest time. Here are a few techniques that you can use to cut off the time.

Shortest Path

You must choose the shortest or optimum path to climb the mountain. The shortest and easiest way has fewer obstacles, which require a minimum time to climb up. There are a number of shortcuts that you can use to cut off the time.

Choose shortest path to getting over it speed run

Learn to Control

You Should learn to control the hammer perfectly so you can control your character efficiently. If you can control your character perfectly you can make move without taking time hence complete the game in no time.

Quick Restarts

If you are stuck in an obstacle or you have made a mistake, then don’t get frustrated. Here is a detailed article about frustration control. If you don’t get frustrated, you will be able to restart the game again and again, and hence you can complete the game without making a mistake.

Quickly Restart if you fail in getting over it speed run

Skip Glitches

Unfortunately, there are a number of glitches in the game, but if you are aware of those glitches, you can skip them. By skipping these glitches, you can save plenty of time, allowing you to complete the game on time. Here, you can read tips to fix bugs and glitches.

Mechanics Manipulation

There are a number of mods available that can alter the mechanics of the game, such as gravity and momentum. This may feel unfamiliar, but many users play the mod version of the game. You can try the Getting Over It MOD here.

Closing Thoughts

The Getting Over It speedrunner community has cultivated a global sense of competition. People love to play, discuss, and develop new strategies for the game to complete it in the shortest time possible. Some players use modified versions of the game to manipulate its mechanics. However, the overall impact of the speedrunner community is positive, as a sense of improvement is fostered. You can also try speedrunning to achieve a prominent position in the community.

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