Getting Over It MOD APK (Gravity, Big Hammer, Menu MOD)

Getting Over It MOD APK an Addictive Game

Getting over it with bennett foddy mod apk attracted millions of player around the world. The gameplay is thrilling but some time frustrating for you which gives you a lesson “Never Give Up”. The original version of the game is given on the Home Page.

Getting Over It MOD APK Download

Getting over it mod apk
App NameGetting Over It MOD APK
CategoryPhysics Based Game
Android Version Required5.0+
Download Size162MB
Storage Required220MB
Updated On19-10-2023
Download MOD APK (Gravity MOD)

What is Getting Over it MOD APK

If you want to enhance your gameplay experience, then you should try getting over it mod apk download. which is developed by some third-party developers. There are numerous mods available on the websites. However, most of them are not working or have a difficult installation procedure, including programming. But don’t worry, I will provide you with direct installation of Getting over it game mod apk that are working and also have a simple installation procedure.

There are two mods which is best and 100% working.

  • Gravity MOD
  • Menu MOD (Multi-MOD)
  • Golden Pot
  • Multi-Color Pot
  • Hammer Color Change
  • Tower Map
  • No Pot
  • Giant/Big Hammer (Custom Size)
  • Custom Pot
  • Tree Hammer
  • Bucket Map

Getting Over It Gravity MOD

Getting Over It Gravity Mod APK” is the most popular mod. Gravity is the force that pulls or attracts a body towards Earth’s canter. Once you activate the Getting over it mod apk (gravity) the force that pulls you down is decreased. Hence, you can play the game more easily. Getting over it mod apk gravity there are three options for the gravity settings. Getting over it mod apk high jump is basically referred to zero gravity MOD. You can jump high while you are in zero or low gravity.

1/3 Gravity MOD

Gravity decreases three times with the original gravity. Click the Left Side Mod button and turn it one-third. When you push yourself with a hammer, you will go up three times higher, making it easy to climb up the mountain.

1/6 Gravity MOD

If you are not satisfied with the three-time decrease of gravity, try decreasing it six times by turning on the 1/6 button. It looks like you are flying in the air. This seems easy, but as you decrease the gravity, it becomes more difficult to control the character.

gravity mod apk

Getting Over It 0 Gravity MOD APK

Getting over it no gravity mod apk gives you a whole new experience of playing “Getting Over It” in zero gravity. Once you click on the mod button located in the top left corner and then click on “zero” to activate this mod. This mod is also referred to as the Getting Over It Flying Mod APK as you can fly and make high jumps. However, remember that you may be suspended in the air due to zero gravity.

zero gravity

Downloading & Installation Procedure of Getting Over It Gravity Mod

To download the “Getting Over It” No Gravity mod APK, first, click on the download button provided in the download table. Wait for some time to complete the downloading process as it depends upon the speed of your internet connection. The file size is also mentioned in the table, which is regularly updated.

  1. Once the downloading is complete, you are ready to install.
  2. Now, click on the Getting Over It MOD APK Download
  3. It will prompt you that installation is prohibited from unknown sources.
  4. Now, go to settings as you can see in the screenshot.
  5. Now, turn on “Allow Installation from Google Chrome.”
getting over it mod apk download
getting over it mod apk installation
  1. Once you turn on this setting, you can easily install the file by clicking again on the file.
  2. As the installation is complete, you don’t need any setup or OBB files.
  3. Just click “Open,” and here it is – enjoy!

Getting Over It MOD APK (Menu MOD)

Getting over it mod menu apk 2023 includes all the features that give you a completely new experience of the game. Download getting over it mod apk and enjoy the exciting features some of the features are discussed here

Getting Over It MOD APK Golden Pot

Have you heard about the golden pot, which is awarded only when you complete the game 50 times? Well, getting over it apk golden pot will allow you to change the color with so many shades. You can almost change the pot color with 10 different colors and choose the one you like the most. click on the ModPack present in the right corner and press c8 to get the golden color Pot. From c1 to c7 different color is available.

getting over it mod apk golden pot

Hammer Color Change

You can also change the colour of the hammer by just on click. There are list of color where you can choose from you favourite one. i also attached screenshot of hammer color change. From Mod Pack h1 to h8 the hammer handle color can be changed and t1 to t8 gives you the color change option of the iron part of the hammer.

getting over it hammer mod
Getting over it hammer colour change mod

Tower Map

This mod will give an extra map with multiple towers. This is a test of your skills. You can activate the Tower Map by clicking on it, which will turn green. Then, from the top right menu, click on Ctrl+R to restart the game, and now you are in Tower Map Mode.

Bucket Map

The “No Pot” feature will allow you to play the game without a Pot. Just click on the “No Pot” option from the Mod Menu, and the Pot will disappear. Now you can enjoy the game without a Pot

Getting over it No Pot Mod

Getting Over It Giant Hammer Mod APK

After Getting over it big hammer mod apk download you will be able to play the game with different hammer sizes, ranging from size 1 to size 9. You can make the hammer extremely small or extremely big by clicking on its size. The bigger size will give you a time advantage, but sometimes it may get stuck in the rocks, so choose your hammer size wisely. Getting over it mod apk big hammer is basically a menu Mod function which can be activated by clicking on Big Hammer and than choose the size. you can use the giant hammer after installation of Getting over it mod apk giant hammer.

Getting over it Giant Hammer Mod
Getting over it Big hammer mod
Getting over it Big hammer mod setting

Bucket Map

There are three custom shapes: S1 to S4. S1 to S3 give you custom-sized pots, as you can see in the screenshot. And when you press S4, the pot reverts to its original shape.

Getting over it mod apk Pot Skin
Getting over it Mod apk Pot Skins
Getting over it mod apk Pot shape

Tree Hammer

You can use a tree as a hammer to climb up the mountain. To use this, open the menu, select the ‘tree hammer,’ and activate this feature. But remember, using a tree hammer can cause problems in narrow spaces and may get stuck

Bucket Map

Bucket Map will allow you to play an entirely different mode with buckets hanging by ropes. Use the buckets to reach the top. This can be accessed by clicking on “Bucket Map.” After that, restart the game by pressing Ctrl+R from the top-right corner with the red color.

getting over it mod apk bucket map

How To Getting Over It Download MOD APK & OBB Installation

  1. To install the Menu Mod, you need two files to download. The first one is the “Getting Over It Menu Mod Apk,” and the other is the OBB file, which is in zip format. The download links for these files are provided in the download table.
  2. Once you have downloaded the APK file, proceed with the normal installation process. (Remember to turn on the option for installation from unknown sources in your device settings.)
  3. After the installation is complete, open the game, and then immediately close it. This step is crucial as it will create the OBB directory in the Android OS.
Download getting over it mod apk
getting over it mod apk installing guide
getting over it mod apk installation guide
  1. Now, navigate to File Manager and go to the “Download” folder where you will find your OBB file in zip format. To unzip it, you need ZArchiver. The download link is provided here.
  2. Simply click on “Extract” to unzip the files. After that, open the folder and click on “Copy/Move.” Then, go to “Android/obb/.com.noodlecake.gettingoverit” and paste the OBB file here.
  3. You can follow these steps as I have also attached screenshots for reference.
getting over it mod apk installation guide
getting over it mod apk installation guide 2
getting over it mod apk installation guide 3

Getting Over It Vs. Getting Over It Mod APK

FeaturesGetting Over ItGetting Over It MOD
Control Over Gravity( ✖ ) (✓)
Bucket Map( ✖ ) (✓)
Tower map( ✖ ) (✓)
Custom Pot Colors( ✖ ) (✓)
Custom Pot Shape( ✖ ) (✓)
Big Hammer( ✖ ) (✓)

Advantageous & Disadvantageous

The major benefit of using a mod Apk is that it can provide you with better functionality than a normal App. You can play according to your moods and needs. You can make the game easier, and in the same way, you can make the game more difficult to play. By playing in different scenarios, you have a better opportunity to learn things more efficiently

The game lacks originality, and the gameplay can be bypassed by applying mods. As a result, the real challenge can be avoided, and the failure factor is minimized. Hence, the learning from failure can turn into an easy win. You can download and Play Original Game From Here and can be purchased from Playstore as Well.


As we discussed, let’s go over different mods. The Gravity mod allows you to change the gravity according to your own preference and has an easy installation process. On the other hand, the Menu Mod includes many features that are not offered by any other available MODS. The mod installation procedure is slightly different, but when you follow the given steps, the installation becomes easy. Therefore, you should try the Menu Mod, so you can customize your game according to your needs. Additionally, it provides new maps to play, offering you a matchless experience you can’t imagine. Happy gaming!


Yes, Getting Over It mod APK is safe to play. There is no harm to the user’s phone. However, some experts have expressed slight concerns over privacy issues

Yes, it is necessary for third-party apps to be allowed to install, as it is for safety purposes. You should only allow this when you have trust in the website from which you are downloading the app.

There is more than one ending in the game. You should play the game to discover all of them. When you complete the game, you will be awarded a golden pot as well.

No, Gravity Mod is a standalone installation that only allows changes to gravity. On the other hand, Menu Mod is a combination of many mods, which includes several features as explained in this article.

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