Getting Over It Tips & Tricks For Conquer The Mountain (#1)

Introduction to Getting Over It Tips & Tricks

Getting over it apk challenging & addictive game so you have to know the tips and tricks to conquer the mighty mountain. In This game you have to control your character with the help of hammer the character in the game is bennet foddy which is developer of the game and is struck into the mountain. Due to its difficult level the its is essential to learn the tricks which helps you to climb to the top of the mountain.

Getting Over it tips & tricks

Controlling The Hammer

This basic mechanism to control the character is by Hammer. If you took control over Hammer you can easily achieve your goals. The basic control of the hammer is Dragging. First you should try gently dragging which is more precise and helps you to precisely movement of the character. Hard Push can Take you to the height by providing you the momentum.

Getting Over it controlling Hammer

Avoid Obstacles

The mountain you have to climb up is beset with Obstacles in which once you trapped you back to the point where you start. So Make Proper Plan & carefully climb up the mountain to avoid obstacles. The hammer should be Hooked to the narrow edges surface and pull yourself up side to over come the obstacles.

On a slippery surface, the swings of the hammer are continuous, decreasing the risk of slipping. This risk should be avoided.

Climbing the Mountain

Climbing up the mountain is the difficult task but if you are remain calm then you can easily achieve that task and win the game in a very short time. Before making any move you should analyse easy & every situation calculate gravity and hit the hammer so you can climb up. you can control the gravity in the game by installing the Gravity Mod APK.


To achieve that Goal some of the recommendations should be follow. Recommendations include both behaviour changes as well as your skills. if you want learn more about skill development you can also read Skill Development

Keep Calm

Getting over it game is quite frustrating to keep yourself motivated and calm as you can handle the situation easily and win the game.

Failure Leads to Success

Failure is the best teacher from which you learn the key to success. first you have to scrutinize your mistakes and than you have to make strategy to over come that mistakes.


if you want to reach at the top. practice is the key. if you Keep practicing your skills is polished time to time. One day you will defiantly will get sucess.

Don’t be Overreactive

overreaction leads your mental states to a point where you are unable to understand. so keep focused & keep balanced your self.


Getting over it game test your Patience & calmness. Control Over hammer, understanding the situation analyse your move can leads you to the top of the mountain. But keep in mind that reaching on the top of the mountain is not your goal You have to learn from this game controlling your emotions and keep motivated.

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